It's easy for us to do this so far as the vendors we've booked can move forward our deposits. The Cost to Cancel My Wedding. But research indicates the pandemic won't be over by then, so couples could be forced to postpone … You might have other fun events like your bridal shower or your bachelorette party on the calendar in the coming weeks and months. Read their story, simply crossing out the old date and writing in the new one. Short answer: Probably. Planning your wedding is stressful enough but adding a global pandemic to the mix can bring up more unexpected issues. Should I postpone those, too? Firstly, it's’s clear that the Coronavirus situation isn’t going anywhere fast. This is our biggest issue. Planning your wedding is stressful enough but adding a global pandemic to the mix can bring up more unexpected issues. Also, consider the financial hardship of your guests, and how many of them work in essential industries like health care, food, law enforcement, utilities, manufacturing etc. Love. We are unsure of whether to postpone now or should we wait? What about my wedding shower and bachelorette party? FRIDAY 13th 2020. Our colors were pearl and magenta, and my dress was a strapless A-line. If your wedding is in March, April, or early May, you may need to make the decision to postpone. My wedding is on 11/1/2020 and I figured I would be in the clear. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. When you’re overwhelmed, you might be tempted to just throw in the towel … My wedding is set for Sept 5 this year but we are very close to just pulling the plug. Should I postpone or cancel my wedding? Kraft is waiting until April 13 to make the final call on whether she should postpone or cancel her wedding. But I’ve been noticing that many couples here on Reddit, Facebook wedding planning groups, and other online weddings boards and forums have been canceling/postponing their fall 2020 weddings as well. The easy answer is that we know the celebration can be held off. Read their story. The CDC “is now urging a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks (10 for the next 15 days at the time of publishing), citing the risk of the coronavirus.”. These are strange times and it’s only right that our health and the health of our loved ones remains a priority during this crisis. Postpone, don’t cancel. Should I cancel or postpone? Like honeymoons, this depends entirely on where and when your wedding is taking place. You will have the best chance of favorable postponement terms with your vendors … But I’ve been noticing that many couples here on Reddit, Facebook wedding planning groups, and other online weddings boards and forums … It’s a big ask for them to stay in quarantine just to see us say ‘I do.’. When the Coronavirus outbreak began restricting gatherings, we saw many Spring 2020 wedding couples moving their dates into the summer and fall. When could that come? As you know, New Jersey is considered a hot spot since we are a densely populated state and the corona virus can be more easily transferred. We're nervous about our family and friends in healthcare or with businesses that took a downturn, and that Sept is too soon to recover. 7 Tips for Writing an Amazing Wedding Card, the educated guess on lifting of social distancing, One couple on Reddit decided they just couldn’t. It depends, but you likely will want to cancel if your wedding plans skewed big. My wedding is June 6. Ya’ll, I’m confused. There is tremendous economic and political pressure to get people back to work, back to restaurants, stores and travel. How it felt to postpone my wedding because of coronavirus. While the current lockdown is temporary and set to last for the next few weeks (until May 5 at time of writing), the truth is that until a vaccine becomes widely available, the threat of Covid-19 is going to affect society around the world in different ways. Should I still out save the dates for my September wedding? Should I postpone those, too? We were one of the lucky couples; our … Should you postpone your Vancouver Island wedding because of Covid-19? One of the main things you need to consider, says Nina Beer, wedding coordinator and owner of Occasion Queens , is the health of your guests attending. For me, I want everyone I know to attend but the wedding wouldn’t be the same knowing we may have compromised their health. But you need to postpone your wedding. With everything going on due to COVID-19, should we postpone our wedding? My fiancé and I were set to get married on March 28 with roughly half of our guests flying into California from the East Coast. Call your wedding vendors and find out what the cost of canceling or postponing will be. Can my wedding guests travel to my wedding this year? My Wedding is in September 2020, should I postpone/cancel my wedding? As a professional magician, I’m hired for a lot of weddings and with the majority of my 2020 weddings being postponed, I’m here to give my professional opinion on the top three reasons to postpone your wedding due to coronavirus. If I had a large 50 person plus wedding planned and booked anytime in 2020, in all honesty, I would be looking to postpone that to at least a date in the second half of 2021. That said, wedding suppliers are struggling – if possible, consider working with the venue to postpone the wedding. Can I still get married during the Coronavirus Pandemic?